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NOTONIK has established itself as a premier plugin for high-quality and distinctive sounds. With NOTONIK 2, this legacy is not only continued but significantly expanded upon.. NOTONIK 2 introduces a vast collection of 312 presets spanning various playable instrument categories ranging from Basses, Pads, Plucks, Synths, Keys, Chord Shots, Chord Progressions, Textures and more! With each preset meticulously designed to offer unmatched depth and inspiration.

Whether it’s coming up with catchy melodies or crafting the next chart-topping production, NOTONIK 2 places unparalleled quality at your fingertips. Step into the world of NOTONIK 2 and harness its power not just to create beats, but to make musical history.

(NOTONIK 2 works without needing V1)


  • NOTONIK V2 Overview

    A walkthrough for NOTONIK V2.

  • Sound Demo

    Notonik V2 sounds in action

  • Hit-Boy uses NOTONIK

    3x Grammy Winner Hit-Boy uses NOTONIK in EP “THEODORE & ANDRE”

    Hit-Boy uses NOTONIK

    3x Grammy Winner Hit-Boy uses NOTONIK in EP: Theodore & Andre.

  • Live Sounds Preview

    Check out the sounds in action

  • RMC using NOTONIK 2

    RMC creates a heavenly beat using NOTONIK 2.

  • Review and Demo

    Review by PULSE Music.

  • Review and Demo

    Review by Astral Music & Tutorials.

  • Review and Demo

    Review by SumnSumnSumn.

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We are constantly adding new expansions (Latest release: June 28th 2024)

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